RS232ToTTL Converter

The RS232ToTTL converter board is a tiny 1" by 1.725" board which translates RS232 data to TTL-serial levels which are compatible with all of our current motor controller products; it therefore allows any of our TTL-Serial compatible controllers to communicate via RS232 with each other or with a host computer.  It is available in two models; one uses a screw terminal connector while the other uses an MTA-100 connector.  

The board is designed such that you can use #4 mounting posts to mount it in your system, or you may panel-mount it using right-angle 1/4" brackets.  In the latter case, you can direct the RS232 connector out through your panel, thus providing you with a convenient external connection.

The board must be powered by a clean 5 volt regulated supply.  Either a separate 5 volt supply or 5 volts taken from the target controller board may be used.  You connect the power and ground to the +5/GND power inputs, and you also connect the ground to the target controller board for correct ground referencing if you are using a separate +5 volt power supply.  When it is connected to any of our motor controllers (such as our BC6D25), you normally power the board off of the controller.

Our complete manual describing the product is available here.

Note also that this board permits communication between any RS232 based device and any 5 volt TTL-serial compliant device, such as the Parallax Basic or Javalin Stamp (  It supports baud rates up to 120K baud, when used with any other TTL-serial compatible devices. 

Please note that you need to provide your own RS232 cable (straight-through connections) of the correct length for your application.

Please click this link to view the current pricing for the AR-RS232ToTTL product at our online store.