OptoIso4Chan 4 channel Optical Isolator Board

The OptoIso4Chan series of optical isolator boards are tiny 1.15" by 1.3" boards which are designed to buffer up to 4 sets of 5 to 24 volt differential input signals into 3.3 to 5 volt TTL output signals compatible with any product that accepts such TTL signals (such as any of our motor controllers).  They are most commonly used for buffering limit switches and other external sensors, to prevent damage to sensitive microcontroller boards.

The output stage of the OptoIso4Chan adapter is designed to be powered off of the target board:  That is to say, it should ideally operate directly off of the power and ground associated with the board to which it is connected.  Alternatively, it may be powered off of a 3.3 to 5 volt regulated DC supply that is correctly ground referenced to the target board.  The TTL output level of the board will match the voltage level of the supply.

The OptoIso4Chan is available with Amp MTA-100 or screw terminal connectors, as shown below:


(The picture on the left is the AR-OPTOISO4CHAN-L board with Amp MTA-100 connectors, while the one on the right is the AR-OPTOISO4CHAN-T board  with screw terminal connectors).

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The boards are designed such that you can use #4 mounting posts to mount them in your system.

Our complete manual describing the product is available here.