StepperBoard Products

Peter Norberg Consulting, Inc. manufactures and sells controllers for operating unipolar and bipolar stepper motors.  These products incorporate easy wiring to the motors, and may be operated both by switch closures and through use of computer serial control (both USB and RS232).  They all support microstepping of the motors, and some of the products can generate step requests at up to 500,000 microsteps/second (step rates are board model and firmware dependent: currently, the six axis BC6D20, BC6D25 and SD6DX controllers are by far our 'fastest' products).

Our stepper motor controllers are designed to be useful to researchers, experimenters and hobbyists, and are appropriate for industrial applications. They are excellent for control of anything from small linear actuator devices to medium-duty X-Y positioning tables. As-is, each can be directly used in small pan/tilt mechanisms. Using our products, only minimal external electronics are needed to operate any simple stepper-motor-driven device (such as implementing a computer-controlled security camera).

Please see our product summary page for more details on these and other products.

Product Announcements

On November 20, 2017 we updated our BS1010 series to the AR-BS1010UNV based line .  This version of that product line supports both full digital isolation (which previously was found in the AR-BS1010ISO series) and USB-powering of the board logic (which previously was called the AR-BS1010U5V series).

On June 12, 2017 we released our OptoIso4Chan optically isolated 4 channel buffer board.  This product allows you to connect up to 4 optically isolated inputs (such as limit switches) to any of our motor controllers.

On February 9, 2017 we released the Stepperboard version of the FTDI USB drivers release 2.12.24.  This is available from our downloads page.

On January 20, 2017 we released the beta versions of step-and-direction versions of the GenStepperSD2D and dsPicNCRouter2DSD firmwares for the SS1010 and BS1010 boards.  These firmwares allow the SS1010/BS1010 products to be used as step-and-direction pulse generators, which can then be connected to your own step-and-direction driver board.

On March 12, 2016, we changed our web store at the  "Shopify" system to being attached to our new "" domain.  The sales pages for our products may now be found at "".

On February 8, 2016, we released our BC6D25 2.5 amp/winding 6 axis controller This product is an upgrade to our BC6D20: it increases the per-motor-winding current maximum to 2.5 amps, and it sets the finest microstep resolution to 1/32 of a full step.

Please see our Recent News and Announcements page for more recent product announcements.